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Below you will find 10 steps of a common home sale from start to finish, giving you a basic overview of a complex process. Keep in mind that every sale is slightly different, and our team will be there every step of the way to make sure your experience is as simple as possible. For more information on specific aspects of selling a home, please visit our Seller FAQs page. Feel free to submit questions of your own, or contact us directly.

What's Your Motivation?

Step 1

Before pushing forward with the sale of your home, consider your reasons for selling. Are you curious to test the market, or are you committed to moving? If you’re on the fence, we recommend creating a list of pros and cons to consider your options. Our team will never push you to sell if it doesn’t seem like the right choice for you.

Choose an Exceptional Realtor

Step 2

Choosing a knowledgeable Realtor with excellent communication skills will ensure your home sale is as fun and stress-free as possible. Selling a home is an extensive process, and the number of tasks managed by your agent is astounding. Our team prides itself in making your needs our priority, and we look forward to offering you first-class service.

Have Your Home Inspected

Step 3

Although not required, ordering a general home inspection prior to listing is extremely beneficial. A home inspection can key you in to the current condition of your home including any repairs needed, and save you from hidden surprises during escrow.

Fix The Major Issues

Step 4

The amount of work you devote to fixing your home prior to listing is entirely up to you. To help our team earn you the highest sale price possible, we recommend fixing any major issues that may deter buyers. Known defects should be fixed or disclosed, as hiding material facts is never the right option.

Shape it Up

Step 5

Giving your home a facelift is a surefire way to get potential buyers excited. Fresh paint, lush landscaping, and a deep cleaning are all options to enhance your home’s appearance. To make your home feel larger, we recommend decluttering and getting rid of excess furniture. In addition, de-personalizing by removing family photos, trinkets and other personal items will help buyers visualize themselves living in your home. Lastly, hiring a professional home stager will ensure the best presentation for your home, helping it stand out above the rest. For recommendations, visit our Homeowner Services Directory page.

Price to Sell

Step 6

Prior to releasing your home to market, we will agree to a smart price. Being strategic will attract buyers to your home, creating demand and helping your property sell quickly and for the highest price. Keep in mind that overpriced listings go stale quickly, as buyers will flock to well priced homes. Days on market are your home’s worst enemy, and we recommend listing at a competitive price.

Maximum Exposure

Step 7

Your home is looking stunning, and it’s our turn to help it shine. Your home needs to make a great first impression, which is why magazine quality photos will be taken, and in most cases, video marketing will be used. Our team will devise a targeted marketing plan for your home, making sure it goes live with a bang. As buyers take interest, it’s important to make your home available for showings. Buyer’s and agents will look at easy to view properties first.

Review Offers

Step 8

Congratulations, offers are in! Buyer qualifications and offers will be reviewed by our team, and presented to you in a timely manner. With any offer received, you have the option to accept the offer, send a counter offer, or reject the offer. During this process, we will negotiate hard on your behalf to make sure you receive the highest price possible. Once an agreement is reached between you and the buyer, you will have an accepted offer and you're one step closer to selling your home.

Open Escrow

Step 9

The escrow holder is a neutral third party, ensuring the terms specified in the purchase agreement/escrow instructions are met prior to funds being disbursed to seller, and title being transferred to buyer. Escrow will most commonly “open” on the day of acceptance, except for on weekends and holidays, in which case it will "open" on the following business day. Keep in mind that the escrow timeline begins on the day of offer acceptance, not the day of escrow opening. During escrow, we will guide you through any necessary steps you need to take. In Los Angeles and other areas, mandatory pre-sale retrofitting and certificate of compliance may be required prior to closing.


Step 10

Congratulations! Your home has sold, you’ve received a check from escrow, and you’re off to bigger and better things. Whether you’re upsizing, downsizing or moving out of state, our team is available and excited to help you find your next dream home.